LBV 2013

LBV 2013 75cl

Ref. PRT1000LBV


Tasting Notes

Opaque, dense and dark red colour. Notes of well matured red fruit (Gooseberry), balsam and mint. Elegante and vinous wine, with silky tannins balanced with matured fruit and a balsam touch. Long, fresh and delicious ending.

Service and Harmonization

Enjoy it alonside chocolate desserts, intensed flavour icecreams, Serra cheese or other fat cheeses. Serve at 15ºC-17ºC.

Technical File

Location DO Porto
Oenologists João Cabral de Almeida/ Luís Leocádio
Vineyard Vineyard plots located on the steep slopes of River Pinhão banks, between 150m and 400m altitude, with a poor and rugged shale soil of low production and high concentration and grape quality.
Varieties Tradicional Douro
Winemaking Fresh and matured to perfection grapes, harvested by hand to 20kg boxes. Destemmed and softly crush, the grapes were placed in stainless steel vats, where fermentation took 5 days, with three daily "delestage" , and the steeping post "água-ardente" lasted three days. From this process resulted a fine wine, aged in french oak barrels. The Blend was made in march 2017.
  • LBV


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